Before initializing the tool, it’s good to learn a few things about the tool and the Bitcoin generation and mining process.

Anyway, Bitcoin Generator Tool is free online software that is designed and manufactured to enhance the process of mining the Bitcoin crypto-currency.

What it does is, it requires your wallet address and adds the BTC into the provided wallet address. The amount depends on the one you choose in the tool.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

It’s a process that requires a network of computers. Anyhow, these smart computers are trying to solve hard mathematical problems and equations.

Hence, each equation represents a unique transaction made in the BTC cryptocurrency.

Transactions represent verified data, merging into a transaction block. It’s important to notice that each block links to the previous block.

Consequently, these links create a chain of blocks (Blockchain), each pointing to the previous one.

This means that EVERY BTC transaction requires mining fee, to link one transaction to the next.

How to Use the Tool for Bitcoin Generation

Now that we’ve understood that Bitcoin Mining is, it’s time to dig in.

This tool is free, however, there’s one catch. To start using the tool, share this page on some of the social networks available below.

Why are we doing this? It’s the only way we want to monetize the tool – by increasing our influence on social media. No such thing as free lunch!

But you gain much more than we do. You can later use these BTC to purchase anything you want. Or sell them for real money.

All you need is your wallet address, located in your Blockchain account. Copy and paste the address in the tool.

Choose the desired amount of Bitcoins you want to generate. The higher the amount, the harder it gets to obtain those BTC and verify the transaction.

Finally, click on the GENERATE button and wait for the process to finish.

How to Use the Tool for Bitcoin Generation

Remember the mining fee we discussed above? Well, every BTC transaction has a mining fee. Including this one.

Complete the transaction caused by the tool by clearing the mining fee. Once you see the 3/3 sign, it means the transaction is verified.

Don't have a wallet? Create one on Blockchain. It's really simple.

Create a Blockchain Wallet

Visit their official site, and click on the "Sign Up" button.

Enter the email address and verified it later on.

To activate your unique Bitcoin Wallet address, click on the "Receive" button.

Simple, right? If yes, Bitcoin generator tool is ready to use. However, if you find this difficult, please read our full guide.

Feel free to use the tool. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns by commenting below.

Have fun using our tool!